The thought of transitioning from employment within a large organization to private practice can be a daunting prospect for many clinicians and pathologists. A whole plethora of planning and risk assessment takes place to ensure you are making the right decision based on your circumstances. However. if you have decided to go down the the route of being your own boss, we are here to support you through the process. We have business executives with extensive expertise in new start-ups and they can act as a sounding board for you to determine the new infrastructure which best suits your needs. 



Uralensis business executives have experience to assist you in setting up your new venture. We can help by brainstorming & helping you analyze your desired outcomes, investigating resource requirements & operational details. We help you put together a business plan, including financial projections if you need to make funding applications. We put you in touch with legal & taxation advisors and help you register your new entity with the State, getting tax ID and any licenses you may require.  



We help you analyze your channels to market, and create your marketing plan. Our Executives support you with brand identity creation and trademarking. The marketing team can advice you on website design and put you in touch with designers and developers to build your website, as well as assisting you to realize the online marketing strategy based on your marketing plan goals. The aim is for you to have all the tools necessary for a successful practice.





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It's very much a support service, as we believe you leading & driving the process is a vital part of the exciting journey such a venture can be. The most important element? Support from those close to you!



If you would like to discuss further, we offer a no obligation sixty minute consultation