PathHub Pro
Complete-Solution, subscription based, mini digital LIMS facilitating tissue specimen diagnostic reporting. Convenient anytime-anywhere access for all authorized collaborators, with robust security protocols and fast data flow. Providing improved visibility and end-to-end case audit tracking. We have removed all barriers to uptake, with a simple and honest approach to meet your needs.
PathHub Pro
Such an offer is unprecedented and constitutes a global first, as many providers of software in this arena are reluctant to open up their technology, and have a tendency to create an unnecessary shroud of mystery whilst marketing their product on only a skeleton build. Uralensis Innov8 software products are market ready, and we aim to onboard and go-live a new subscription client within days, rather than months, or even years.

PathHub PRO is ideal for private practice clinicians and pathologists, whereby access to a ready built plug 'n' play system facilitating sample processing and reporting provides efficiencies in workflow management. Achieving faster turn around times, whole process visibility, collaboration opportunities, increased output and significant cost savings. 

Features Summary

  • Online subscription based access
  • Multi-Factor-Authenticated access levels
  • Create secretarial or admin support staff users
  • Optimizing work flow efficiency
  • Facilitating faster turn around times
  • End-2-end case visibility
  • Intuitive ease of use, with user friendly screens
  • API & device Integration Interfacing
  • Multi device access with same high levels of security
  • Proven, robust & tested - millions of cases reported

PathHub Consults features ICD-10, CTP and template Short Codes, to greatly enhance the depth, quality and accuracy of reporting, and enables more effective business performance management as well as streamlined billing.  

Functionality Summary
  • Request form scan and book to laboratory
  • Laboratory specimen processing, including further work or special requests
  • Pathologist diagnostic reporting
  • Digital slide viewer with Image analysis, measurement & annotation tools
  • Multi Disciplinary Team management scheduler 
  • 2nd opinion & peer network collaborator 
  • Education & interesting case library
  • Courier booking & tracking for specimen transport
  • ICD10 codes, CTP codes, Efficiency Template Short Codes
  • Integrated Billing for payment by patient, insurance companies and Medicare
  • Secure Messaging Service, both inter-departmental and external collaborators
  • Management performance tool; charts, graphs, tables.
  • All data can be exported to csv or excel for further reporting options. 

Building Trust, & Remaining Compliant  

PathHub data security and integrity is a top level priority, along with fast data process and retrieval times. In summary all our client's data is hosted with:

  • Secure 24/7 managed US data centers 
  • Federal Healthcare Audit Compliance
  • Private hosted environment & multi layer firewalls
  • End-2-end data encryption
  • Backups; 5 min onsite, 24 hr & 30 day offsite
  • Multi-tier access authentication
  • SSL & SSAE 18 Certification
  • Business Associate Agreement
  • ISO 9000 Certification


PathHub has multiple layers of protection, including encryption in transit between company servers and client’s devices, and at rest on servers, providing a reliable and stable infrastructure. Mandatory compliance with HIPAA, HITECH and Sarbanes-Oxley both for PathHub and its associates, whilst standards such as the ISO 9000 are an assurance that systems and procedures are in place for effective process management. Read More ...
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