Helping the Veterinary Industry take the leap into digital pathology.


PathHub Vet is a digital reporting software, providing a cloud based LIM system for veterinary pathologists. Our diagnostic reporting web app allows optimised data flow between clinician and client, resulting in enhanced patient care.

We endeavour to assist the veterinary industry to take the leap into digital pathology by providing innovative, tried and tested technology without the burden of cost.

Our processing and reporting software provides:

  • Automated workflow.
  • Increased efficiency - with efficient dataflow and improved visibility.
  • Maximum user friendliness.
  • Robust security protocol.

PathHub Vet provides first class educational tools in an educational area designed to fit the needs of both veterinary students and veterinary CPD requirements.

PathHub Vet software gives flexible options for veterinary pathologists, veterinarians and veterinary students alike. Enabling them to view digital slides anywhere at any time.

When the veterinary Industry moved into teleradiology via digital x-rays, the creation of a fantastic diagnostic support tool resulted - on which veterinarians have become reliant.

Traditional methods of histopathology/cytology have a turn around time of at least 2-3 days - telepathology is the next leap.

PathHub Vet can provide the software to assist with the revolutionary change that is coming to veterinary pathology - digitisation.

Before long veterinarians will become reliant on digital pathology, don’t be left behind.

PathHub Vet offers 3 modules which can be subscribed to individually or as a whole - providing a complete digital solution.

PathHub Vet PRO

  • Diagnostic reporting App.
  • Complete digital solution.
  • Accessed by monthly subscription.

PathHub Vet Consults
  • Global collaboration app for 2nd opinion experts. 
  • Anytime access.
  • Fast data flow.

PathHub Vet Education
  • Classified archives accessible for education purposes.
  • Comprehensive search function.
  • Performance monitoring tools.

We take pride in providing end to end installation support with a dedicated implementation team, who are available to meet your needs 24/7.