PathHub Digital
The PathHub whole image slide viewer is available as part of the PathHub PRO or PathHub LIMS software, however we offer as a standalone online module accessible by one-off payment or monthly subscription, for users who have their own whole slide image files, or for access to slides which we have digitized.
PathHub Digital
  • An integrated whole slide image viewer with sophisticated analysis tools, to enable faster and more in-depth analysis.
  • Enables online viewing access from any online device, eliminating the need to transport physical glass slides.
  • Interfaces with 99% of the digital scanners on the global market, or you can view stored files in all major slide image formats.
  • Easy to use share-&-collaborate functionality in real time with peers or with experts for 2nd opinion purposes.
  • Comprehensive annotation and edit tools - standard marking portfolio with a range of shapes, text and highlighting capability, plus measuring tools, select and crop, resize or extract to external files.
  • Rapid and responsive pan and zoom.
  • Analyze slides using sophisticated algorithms; use our pre-sets or create your own.
Data Analyzer

Ideal for education and research, inbuilt extensive menu of data & performance monitoring tools - works exceptionally well with large volumes of slides which need to be analyzed for patterns, trends or patient/subject demographics. Output options are graphs, charts and tables, all viewable in-situ. Data can also be exported as csv or direct to excel.

 Organize or Share your Library
  • Extensive classification of tissue samples; into files, folders, groups, all with managed share links for use with your collaborators.
  • Comprehensive search function to locate any document or image.
  • If the original permissions on the slide image permit, rapid download to your storage devices, which can be synched with the slide viewer for any edits to the folders.
  • Design your dashboard to suit the way you work, giving you quick access to the functions which are important to you. 
Integrate with PathHub Matrix Widgets

 The slide viewer works standalone for extensive whole slide imaging and viewing, however when coupled with other widgets the scope greatly increases as to the range of functions which can be performed. Particularly useful for education and research purposes. Integrate with:

  • PathHub Scheduler: Create and schedule events or meetings, using the PathHub managed calendar and your uploaded contact list to automate the process. You can attach file links to the event so all your attendees have access to the files you have selected for the meeting.
  • PathHub Emailer; Secure, healthcare compliant emailer. Use to communicate with your contacts, sending confidential image extracts or PHI securely and meeting all federal compliance laws. You can extract segments from slide images, or you can send whole image, and the system will automatically resize to permit email transmission. Of course if you require your recipient to see the full size image, then you will need to share the link to the stored image.
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