PathHub is proud to support numerous British Medical Schools in both Postgraduate and
Undergraduate Deaneries, as well as Post Graduate Faculties, with our world class software.
Our educational platform allows remote access for both Students and Lecturers, using the
Cloud as the preferred digital hosting platform.
Our industry leading software allows students access to a multitude of first-class
educational tools, which not only provide optimal training in the field of Histopathology but
prepare them for the utilisation of Digital Pathology in the Human health sector upon
Our state-of-the-art slide viewer, with features such a slide-by-slide comparison lock and
annotations – makes training efficient and effective.
Key features of our training software:
- Ability to upload digital images.
- Annotate digital images for educational purpose.
- Create sub-speciality categories e.g. skin pathology.
- Easy navigation across the site.
- Quizzes.
- Discussion forums.
-Ability to add blogs and to follow case presentations and threads.
If you are interested in our product, please contact us.