Date: February 7th, 2020. Expiry Date: March 6th, 2020

SALES PROPOSAL FOR: Dr Robert Phelps, ref no ZP361/AK

Dear Robert

Thank you for taking the time to discuss your requirements with us. We believe PathHub would be a great fit to help you start-up, manage and grow your new private practice pathology business. 

Our mission is to provide you with a high quality, reliable and secure solution tailored specifically to meet your business requirements, backed by our top notch amazing support, to ensure we sustain a longterm successful relationship. With PathHub on your side, you can feel secure that you have made the right choice and that we have your back!

As you will be joining us in the initial stages of the PathHub software launch to the US, Iskander and I would like to provide the menu of PathHub Matrix Widgets at a discounted rate, and without extra charge for the add on options such as the 2nd opinion expert consults, billing and the integrated ICD10, CTP and Efficiency Short Codes, which are usually $500 or more a month per each Matrix Widget.

Once you accept this Sales Proposal, I will send you the contractual Service Provisions Agreement (SPA), which incorporates: the Business Associates Agreement for HIPAA Clients, the associated Account Restrictions Agreement for HIPAA clients and the Master Services Agreement.

On behalf of the entire PathHub team, I would like to thank you for your time and the opportunity to present you with this proposal.


Anja Kahn
Direct: +1 (805) 294 2986


Proposal for Dr Robert Phelps 

PathHub Pro Subscription Service Standard / Month Discounted / Month
HIPAA/HITECH Server hosting & backups $1700 $1000
24/7 Server support $400 $250
IT Support (9am-5pm EST) $400 $250
PathHub Pro 1 professional license $2500 $1500
Training $0 $0
Total per month $5000 $3000
PathHub Matrix Widgets included
Pathologist Diagnostic Reporting 
2nd Expert Opinion Collaborator (Glass Slide Only)- Standard price $500/month, included in price
Education & Interesting Case Library
ICD10, CTP & Efficiency Short Codes - Standard price $700/month, included in price
Billing (subject to receiving pricing list) - Standard price $700/month, included in price
Management Performance Tools
Server & Data Support 9am - 11pm EST, 7 days, and 24/7 for Emergency Mission Critical
IT Support 9am - 5pm EST, Mon - Fri, and 24/7 for Emergency Mission Critical
Data Backups, 7 days daily onsite, and 30 days offsite
User licenses
1 Pathologist License
2 Secretarial or Admin Licenses
15 Clinician (Client) Licenses
15 000 Reported Cases License
5 Expert 2nd Opinion Licenses

PathHub Pro is ideal for private practice clinicians and pathologists, providing a complete solution mini digital LIMS with access to a ready built plug 'n' play system facilitating sample processing and reporting. Convenient anytime-anywhere login for all authorized collaborators, with robust security protocols and fast data flow.

We have removed all barriers to uptake, with a simple and honest approach to meet your needs.

Features Summary

  • Online subscription based access
  • Multi-Factor-Authenticated access levels
  • Create secretarial or admin support staff users
  • Optimizing work flow efficiency
  • Facilitating faster turn around times
  • End-2-end case visibility
  • Intuitive ease of use, with user friendly screens
  • Facilitates expert 2nd opinion work
  • API & device Integration Interfacing
  • Multi device access, phone, iPad, desktop
  • Proven, robust & tested


Functionality Summary   

  • Request form scan and book to laboratory
  • Pathologist diagnostic reporting
  • Digital slide viewer
  • Cancer Tumor Board management scheduler 
  • 2nd opinion & peer network collaborator 
  • Education & interesting case library
  • ICD10, CTP & efficiency template short codes
  • Integrated Billing
  • Management performance tools






Building Trust, & Remaining Compliant  

For PathHub client data security and integrity is a top level priority, along with fast data process and retrieval times. In summary all our client's data is hosted with:

In Summary:

  • Secure 24/7 managed US data centers 
  • Federal Healthcare Audit Compliance
  • Private hosted environment & multi layer firewalls
  • End-2-end data encryption
  • Backups; 24 hr & 30 day
  • Redundancy & Recovery Mitigation
  • Multi-tier access authentication
  • SSL & SSAE 18 Certification
  • Business Associate Agreement
  • ISO 9000 Certification



In Detail:

PathHub has multiple layers of protection, including encryption in transit between company servers and client’s devices, and at rest on servers, providing a reliable and stable infrastructure. Mandatory compliance with HIPAA, HITECH and Sarbanes-Oxley both for PathHub and its associates, whilst standards such as the ISO 9000 are an assurance that systems and procedures are in place for effective process management.

Our US based servers are at data centers with all mandatory as well as exceptional standards certifications, including HITRUST, SOC I, II and III, ISO27001, and many more.
All of the data centers' systems and processes are also HIPAA compliant and perform:  
  • Yearly internal HIPAA Review
  • Yearly external HIPAA review
  • Yearly internal risk analysis
  • Yearly risk analysis of all the services provisions
  • Yearly risk analysis of vendors and partners
  • Yearly penetration tests
  • Weekly external and internal network and vulnerability scans of all servers
  • Frequent external vulnerability scans of data centers by two different vendors
  • Continuous internal staff training on security and HIPAA 
Disaster Recovery
Backups Local and Off Site
Your choice of standard backup schedule or customized backup schedule. The standard backup schedule is 7 Daily Backups kept on site and 4 weekly backups kept off site at geographically distant location, however we can backup data at 5 minute intervals for both onsite and offsite depending upon your requirements, this is an additional cost.
Datacenter Redundancy
  • HVAC N+1 redundant
  • Redundant UPS Power
  • Multiple onsite generators that can run indefinitely
  • Redundant Internet Backbone Carriers
  • 9 separate carriers are used to ensure multiple redundancies of information flow to/from the datacenter
  • Every fiber carrier has separate points of entry in the datacenter to protect against complex service failures
  • No single point of failure
  • 100% Network Uptime SLA
Data Center Support is always available
The team is here 365 days/year, from 9am - 11pm Eastern US, via ticket, phone, email, and chat.Team is on call 24/7 for emergency mission critical issues:
  • Fully managing the hardware infrastructure and servers
  • Configuration of firewall and load balancer rules
  • Scheduling and performing upgrades and hardware maintenance
  • Updates to: Operating System proprietary and Application software
  • Automated server health monitoring to detect and remediate common problems that may arise on a server, such as a denial of service attack, perceived abuse, etc.
  • Port checking to monitor server and application uptime and to alert on issues
  • Providing historical reports of bandwidth usage and server load
  • Restores from backup as they fall under your contract
  • Replacement of any failed hardware
  • Rebuilding the system from backup in the case of complete failure
  • Rebuilding RAID arrays in the case of disk failure

 PathHub software support

Our IT team are available 9am - 5pm EST Mon - Fri, with additional emergency mission critical cover 24/7. Support is via ticket, email and phone. We may need to conference call and request screen access to resolve certain issues.

PathHub client support

Your nominated Business Executive is available to discuss any concerns or non technical IT queries, during normal working hours. Fast response is achieved with an initial email, however you will be provided with a direct line telephone number also.


We fully train and support you throughout your time with us on any aspects you require. Initial training will be via your Business Executive, and thereafter you will have access to the training library and IT training support personnel. The software is very intuitive, and we do not expect much training to be necessary after the initial Go-Live Training Schedule is complete.

Onboarding Process & Go-Live

Once the Service Provision Agreement is signed and the initial payments made for first monthly payment, your Order will be passed to the technical team who will create your account, with your agreed access levels to the PathHub Matrix Widgets, and they will authorize the secondary user account licenses for admin, secretarial and client or collaborator access. As soon as account has been set-up as per your Order, you will be provided access credentials and will be able to schedule training sessions.

Your Business Executive will keep you informed of progress against target Go-Live date. 

Service Provision Agreement (SPA)

This Sales Proposal and the three documents listed below will collectively form the contractual Service Provision Agreement between Uralensis Innov8 LLC and yourself.
Business Associates Agreement - A contract between a HIPAA covered entity and a vendor used by that covered entity. 
Account Restrictions Agreement - Restrictions and guidance to ensure the security and privacy of all Electronic Protected Health Information. 
Master Service Agreement - Standard contractual agreement for the service provision and fulfillment of Order from client. 
The SPA shall have an initial term of 3 months from the time the services are provisioned, and login access is provided to you. Thereafter, the SPA continues on a month to month basis with 30 days’ advance written notice required for cancellation.

Thank you for trusting us to be your partners in this phase of your career progression, we are as excited as you are! If you are happy to proceed please click continue to accept the proposal.